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The M9 Project: Predicted Structural Response to M9 Cascadia Ground Motions

Where: Hotel Monaco, 1101 Fourth Ave, Seattle, WA 98101
When: Tuesday, March 26, 5:15pm to 8:15pm

We all know the Puget Sound region can be subject to very large earthquakes. We have heard the predictions for many years. The M9 Project is a 6-year, interdisciplinary research project at the University of Washington, that was developed to investigate the impacts of a Magnitude 9 Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake on the Pacific Northwest. Researchers have used physics-based computational ground motion simulation to produce regional predictions of ground shaking that include the effects of the deep sedimentary basins that are present in major urban areas.

UW structural engineering researchers characterized the resulting ground motions using parameters that correlate well with structural performance and compared them to the more conventional crustal earthquake records that underpin our understanding of structural response. This has revealed that that M9 simulated ground motions have more damaging characteristics. Detailed structural analysis of reinforced concrete shear wall archetype buildings, developed in collaboration with SEAW, were then performed to estimate building response to simulated ground motions. The results indicate that the probability of collapse of reinforced concrete shear wall buildings for the M9 motions is larger than the maximum currently targeted by building codes.

Benefits and knowledge our members can expect to take away from the presentation:
  • A fundamental understanding of basin amplification of strong motion
  • The particular impact that basin amplification has on the Cascadia Subduction Zone ground motions.
  • The corresponding consequences for building structures in Seattle
Jeffrey Berman, Ph.D., University of Washington
Dr. Berman is the Thomas and Marilyn Neilson Professor of Structural Engineering in the department of civil and environmental engineering at the University of Washington. His research strives to blend experimental and analytical investigations to help develop the tools and understanding necessary for practicing engineers to design structures to resist the forces of earthquakes, blasts, and other hazards. He is a co-Principal Investigator on the M9 Project, the Operations Director for the NSF supported NHERI Rapid Facility, has served as the Director for UW the Structural Research Laboratory and led the acquisition of the UW's large-scale X-Ray CT scanner. His research on steel plate shear walls and braced frames are cited in the AISC Seismic Provisions. He is also an Associate Editor for the Journal of Structural Engineering and is a past recipient of the UW Distinguished Teaching Award.

Marc Eberhard, Ph.D., University of Washington
Dr. Eberhard is a professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Washington, who teaches and performs research in earthquake engineering and the performance of reinforced concrete structures. He was awarded the PCI Charles Z. Zollman Award in 2013, the ASCE T.Y. Lin Award in 2014, and was named the 2018 Academic Engineer of the Year by the Puget Sound Engineering Council.

5:15p - 6:00p Registration/Networking
6:00p - 6:30p Dinner
6:50p - 7:00p Welcome/Announcements
7:00p - 8:15p Program

Registration Fees:
$45 - Members ($40 early bird)
$50 - Non-members & Guests
$35 - YMG ($30 early bird)
$15 - Students

Early bird rates end March 22, 2019. YMG rate applies to Engineers under 35 for both members and non-members

ASCE Seattle COPRI Committee Dinner Meeting Register

Waterfront Seattle

When: Wednesday, March 27, 5:30pm - 7:00pm
Where: Mirabella, 116 Fairview Ave N, Seattle

The COPRI Seattle Chapter is pleased to welcome Mike Colyn with WSP as our speaker for the March dinner meeting. Mike will be discussing the future of Seattle's waterfront as the Waterfront Seattle project gets underway.

We will be meeting at our usual spot on the 10th floor of Mirabella Seattle overlooking South Lake Union, with bar service and a dinner buffet prepared by Mirabella's chef. There is ample street parking north of the building.

Online registration closes on Tuesday night before the event -- please contact us after that time to get on the list.

Topic: Waterfront Seattle
The Waterfront Seattle Program will transform Seattles central waterfront, capitalizing on the opportunity created by the removal of the Alaskan Way Viaduct and the replacement of the Elliott Bay Seawall.
The program spans the waterfront from Pioneer Square to Belltown. It includes the rebuilt Elliott Bay Seawall, twenty acres of new and improved public space, improved connections between center city neighborhoods and Elliott Bay, critical utility infrastructure, and new Alaskan Way and Elliott Way surface streets to serve all modes of travel. This presentation will discuss the changes coming to Seattle's Waterfront over the next several years.

ASCE Seattle YMF Volunteer with STEM Exploration Night

When: Wednesday, March 27, 5:00pm - 9:00pm
Where: Federal Way High School, 30611 16th Ave S, Federal Way, WA

Come help inspire high school students about STEM and specifically Civil Engineering! We need at least 3 volunteers to table hands on engineering activities. Partial volunteer shifts are okay too. Carpooling options to be coordinated.

Contact Katarina Kubiniec with questions or to sign up.

Industry Event: SAME Seattle Post Sustainability Forum Register

When: Thursday, March 28, 8:00am - 5:00pm
Where: University of Washington, Husky Union Building (HUB)

Full-day program that includes 2 concurrent sessions of 4 panel discussions, including such topics as:
  • Watershed management planning and approach
  • Sea level rise and climate change impacts on loss of coastal marsh habitat
  • Blue carbon and aquatic carbon sequestration impacts on Puget Sound recovery
  • Engineering With Nature (EWN)
  • Watershed management and water resources management implementation
  • Fish passage and barriers, local and government highway systems
  • CSO reduction and green infrastructure impact on Puget Sound recovery
  • Climate resilient approaches for infrastructure related to vertical structure growth
Session Speakers, Panel Members, and Moderators include staff from:
  • USACE National Lead for Engineering With Nature Initiative
  • Puget Sound Partnership
  • Southern Resident Killer Whale Task Force
  • Port of Seattle
  • Washington Sea Grant
  • Pacific Northwest National Laboratories (PNNL)
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
  • City of Olympia
  • Department of Ecology
  • and more...

ASCE Seattle Ongoing Volunteer Needs

Urban Development & Transportation Committee

The Seattle Section is currently searching for two motivated members to lead and revamp the Urban Development and Transportation Committee take charge of the committee. The purpose of this committee is to provide a forum for engineers and designers to discuss the intersection between transportation and urban planning and network with professionals with similar interests. This committee intends to. The committee will host monthly or bimonthly meetings and/or site visits. It can also get additional support from ASCE National's Transportation and Development.

This is a forum for ASCE members and non-members to discuss the issues facing the city and the world today, and how engineering and design are influencing the change. Seattle is going through a rapid and huge transformation of its urban fabric with the arrival of thousands of new employees every month. This has created traffic on the streets and highways, apartment and office space buildings popping up left and right around the city, and new rail systems and bicycle friendly infrastructure.

Please contact Homero Flores if you are interested in leading or participating in this group.

Legislative Committee

ASCE Seattle Section is searching for volunteers to assist with the Legislative Affairs Committee. The level of Involvement can vary and can include providing engineering judgement on current legislative issues to assisting with lobbying.

The Legislative Committee functions in the political arena with focus on federal, state, county or other governmental issues that are of interest to the civil engineering profession; such as university engineering budget considerations, issues that affect the practice of or employment of civil engineers, and environmental issues of significance to the profession. The committee reviews proposed legislation and comments on it with regards to its effect on the civil engineering profession and may also be called upon to testify at Legislative hearings or for other governmental committees. It is also responsible for disseminating information from the Architects and Engineers Legislative Council (AELC) pertaining to state legislation. The committee typically sends at least one representative to the Society's annual Legislative Fly-In in Washington D.C.

Please contact the Legislative Chair Mark Koelling for more information.

YMF Popsicle Stick Bridge

This is one of the YMF's largest events, and our largest K-12 outreach event all year.

YMF is looking for volunteers for the planning of the event as well as for the day of event. If anyone is interested, please email with subject line "PSB Volunteering."

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Section News

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Apply by April 20, 2019


ASCE Seattle Joint Dinner Meeting with SEAW Register
March 26, 5:15pm - 8:15pm | Hotel Monaco, Seattle

ASCE Seattle COPRI Committee Dinner Meeting Register
March 27, 5:00pm - 7:00pm | Mirabella, Seattle

ASCE Seattle YMF Volunteer with STEM Exploration Night
March 27, 5:00pm - 9:00pm | Federal Way High School, Federal Way

Industry Event: SAME Seattle Post Sustainability Forum Register
March 28, 8:00am - 5:00pm | University of Washington, Husky Union Building, Seattle

ASCE Volunteers Needed
Urban Development & Transportation Committee, Legislative Committee, & YMF Popsicle Stick Bridge Volunteers Needed



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